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Men in Suits


Diversified Quality

Our Team is Built up of

Risk Assessment Agents

Detail Operatives

Strategy Teams

Safety Officers

Task-force Agents

Operations Managers

Along with many other nameless, faceless, behind the scenes agents who make it possible for us to set the standard.

Risk Assessment Agents: Are the operatives who look for current risk and potential threats. The primary focus of a Risk Assessment Agent is to canvas the interior and exterior of each facility and all surrounding areas of perimeter.

Detail Operatives: Responsible for providing a detailed counter measure and make recommendations to accommodate the risk with the accurate securing source, with the purpose to eliminate the potential risk.

Strategy Team: Responsible for putting together a Customized Report based on the layout of facility and identifying the specific need for securing the identified risk and potential threats. Responsible for recommending security solutions.

Safety officer: Responsible for overseeing all aspects of the risk assessment team to ensure the safety of all on-site preparations, assignment set-up, and breakdown process during consultation.

Task-force Agents: Are the hands on help with each department, expressing and accommodating the need as it exist.

Operation Manager: Responsible for overseeing all activities to ensure all aspects of assignment are handled with precision, accurate policy and procedures.

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